Employment & Assistance Appeal Tribunal of BC

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions from Candidates

The time commitment required of members will vary considerably and is dependent on the number of appeals received, the number of members in each geographic area of the province, and the ability of the member to chair the hearing.

The Tribunal Chair appoints a panel consisting of up to three members to hear and determine the appeal, with one of the members designated as panel chair. The panel chair has the primary responsibility for writing the decision.

Members are asked to set aside two hours for the hearing. Panel chairs usually spend additional time drafting and finalizing the decision. Very occasionally an appeal is dismissed; if the hearing had not yet convened, panel members are not paid for that hearing.

Remuneration for panel members is $145 per hearing and for panel chairs, $225 per hearing.

You may be asked to travel to attend a hearing and travel expenses are reimbursed in accordance to government policy. Travel rarely exceeds two hours and is unlikely to include air travel.

Hearings are conducted orally (in person or by teleconference) or, with the consent of the parties, in writing.

Hearings are held, when possible, in the appellant’s community.

Hearings are held within 15 days of receipt of the Notice of Appeal, unless the Chair of the Tribunal and the parties consent to another date.

Upon successful completion of the Tribunal’s Initial Training Program, new members are appointed to panels with an experienced panel chair, who mentors the new member.

In addition to the Initial Training Program, members are provided with ongoing training opportunities, such as the Decision Writing Training and workshops.

The Law Society of British Columbia has accredited the Tribunal’s training programs for continuing professional development credits; lawyers completing these programs will receive credits for professional development.