Employment & Assistance Appeal Tribunal of BC

Electronic Signature

In accordance with section 87 (1) of the Employment and Assistance Regulation, the written determination of the panel must be in the form specified by the minister. The specified form requires that panel members apply their signatures to PART H of the decision.

This guideline informs panel members how to:

  1. Create their electronic signature.
  2. Apply their electronic signature to the last page of the decision.
  3. Submit the completed document to the Tribunal.


 This enables members of a panel to affix their signature instead of having the panel chair sign on their behalf.


1. Create Your Electronic Signature

  • Write your signature on a piece of paper.
  • Scan the paper and save the file as an image.
  • Open the image, select your signature and crop the image.
  • Save this file as an image with file type JPEG or PNG.

2. To Insert Your Signature

 Into a Word Document:

  • Open the last page of the decision in Word and place your cursor where you would like to place your signature.
  • Select the "Insert" tab from the Toolbar menu at the top of the screen and choose "Picture."
  • Find and select your saved signature image and click the insert button.
  • Selecting your signature will enable resizing.
  • Save the last page as a Word document and email it to the panel member who has not yet signed or to the panel chair.
Into and Adobe PDF Document:

  • Open the last page of the decision in Adobe and click "Fill & Sign" on the top-right.
  • Choose to "Place Signature" and then select "Use an Image" to browse and accept your saved signature.
  • Click where the signature will be inserted and resize.
  • Save this last page as an Adobe PDF and email it to the panel member who has not yet signed or to the panel chair.
Note: Adobe will retain the saved signature for future use and will appear for you when you click on "Place Signature." To remove your signature, click on the drop down arrow next to "Place Signature" and select "Clear Saved Signature."


3. Submit to the Tribunal

Once all signatures are obtained, the panel chair saves the document with the naming convention, Appeal Number, Last Page, for example 2017-00555LastPage and submits it to the Tribunal.



Refer to Communicating and Protecting Personal and Confidential Information Guideline for direction on how to submit the last page of the decision to the Tribunal.

Note: If you are unable to scan and create your signature, please contact us by email at info@eaat.ca or by telephone 250-356-6374 or 1-866-557-0035. 

Last Updated December 2017