Employment & Assistance Appeal Tribunal of BC

Appeal Forms


Notice of Appeal

Use this form if you are dissatisfied with the ministry’s reconsideration decision.

Request to Attend An In Person Hearing by Telephone

Use this form if you wish to attend an oral in person hearing by telephone. 

The following forms require a signature:

Consent to Dismiss

Use this form if you want to withdraw your appeal.

Appeal Adjournment Request

Use this form if you want to have your hearing date delayed; for example, if you or your advocate cannot make it to your hearing or if you need more time to gather evidence). Note* The form must be signed by both parties and then forwarded to the Tribunal.

Release of Information

Use this form if you want to authorize the Tribunal to release your information to your agent, lawyer or advocate.

Remember that the Tribunal must receive these forms within the deadlines set out by our legislation.

More information about these deadlines can be found on the forms, and by viewing the Practices and Procedures.

Attention – Some web browsers may not support all the features of PDF forms, such as fillable fields. We recommend you download forms onto your computer and then open the form using Adobe Reader.